Sales Force Automation

Superior Retail Execution and In-Store Selling

StayinFront TouchCG® is a powerful, role-based retail execution and selling tool that enables field teams, including merchandisers, distributors, pre-sales and van and delivery drivers, to do more on every visit, know more about their customers and sell more effectively.

Reps efficiently complete tasks, verify compliance and record competitive activities. Store data and photos are uploaded to the home office, allowing management to quickly identify trends, opportunities and issues, and push out new actions to the field.

Bulky binders and static sell sheets are replaced with StayinFront PitchBook®, which enables reps to launch targeted, fact-based sales pitches

Guided workflows with specific sales processes and best practices enable reps to conduct tasks efficiently.

  • Capture and upload store data, photos and videos within a single application 
  • Analyze and correct issues faster
  • Trigger alerts based on events or conditions 
  • Prioritize and rank stores

All the information reps need, from visit plans and dynamic KPIs to POS materials, store history and more.

  • Identify trends, problems and opportunities quickly 
  • Monitor performance and set new actions in motion 
  • Communicate priorities and actions to improve performance and productivity

Marketing collateral, video, photos and store-level data are combined for a targeted pitch that helps drive sales.

  • Show store managers how they rank in their chain or region
  • Conduct “substitution scenarios” using real POS data to show revenue lift 
  • Quote, scan and submit perfect orders every time

Key Features and Modules

  • Guided Visit Plans
  • Offline Order Entry
  • In-Store Selling 
  • Audits and Surveys
  • Full Route Accounting
  • Geo Fencing and Tracking
  • Call Planning
  • Cycle Priorities
  • Asset Management
  • Promotions
  • Opportunity Tracking 
  • Routes & Schedules
  • Barcode Scanning 
  • Mobile KPIs and Dashboards
  • Image Capture and Tagging
  • Account History and Management
  • Timesheet and Mileage Tracking
  • Expense Reports
  • Digital Merchandising Integration
  • Location Aware Lists
  • Field Coaching Reports
  • Planograms
  • Augmented Reality Integration

Mobility Options

TouchCG is optimized to run on the latest iOS, Android and Windows mobile devices, making it easy-to-learn and intuitive for the user.

Anytime, Anywhere Mobile Access

StayinFront TouchCG provides all the functionality field teams need to work and sell effectively in the field, regardless of location or internet connection.

Innovative Selling Tools

Our innovative in-store selling tool, StayinFront PitchBook, lets field reps engage store buyers with compelling sales stories using current store-level data, analytics and multimedia.

Touch Analyitics - Data Analysis Made Easy

Mobile Dashboards with KPIs provide reps with a colorful, realtime snapshot of store performance and highlights areas that require immediate attention.