Property & Facility Management

openMAINT is an open source solution for the Property & Facility Management.

It manages movable assets (plants, technical elements, furniture, etc.), the real estate (buildings, infrastructures in the area, etc.), and the related maintaining (scheduled, meter-based and breakdown), logistic and economic activities.

It helps to know, organize and update all the information related to the real estate, to support managers in decision making and operational activities.

openMAINT is a ready-to-use solution, already configured with all necessary archives, workflows, reports and dashboards.

It is a complete and solid enterprise application (JAVA server environment, SOA architecture, web user interface), based on the best open source technologies.

openMAINT was designed to adapt to the organization environment of operations, which usually includes procedures, documents, roles and responsibilities, technical constraints, textual data and georeferences, data exchange with external systems, etc.

It is implemented on the CMDBuild® system - developed by Tecnoteca - whose flexibility and configurability allow the user to gradually and autonomously extend and develop his/her own Property & Facility Management system.

: : openMAINT is

  • Space & Asset Inventory
  • Facility Maintenance
  • Logistic Management
  • Economic Management
  • Energy & Environment
  • GIS and BIM support

: :Who needs openMAINT

  • Local and central Public Administrations
  • Banks and Insurance companies
  • Public and private health care systems
  • Schools and Universities
  • Service Companies
  • Industrial companies with production facilities
  • Transport infrastructures

: :Support

Tecnoteca supplies support certified services with granted SLA for the activation, configuration and maintenance of openMAINT

: :Technology

openMAINT is implemented on the asset management system CMDBuild®, released by Tecnoteca, from which comes technology and components:

  • Java language for server components
  • client Ajax interface based on Ext JS
  • PostgreSQL database with use of Object Oriented and PostGIS extensions
  • servlet container Tomcat
  • JasperReports report engine with IReport editor
  • Enhydra workflow engine with TWE editor
  • Quartz scheduler
  • Alfresco for documents management
  • GeoServer and OpenLayers for GIS functionalities
  • BIMServer for BIM functionalities
  • Liferay portal with the JRS Portlet
  • SOAP and REST webservices

: :BIM

openMAINT supports the BIM methodology (Building information modeling), based on an integrated process for the management of data associated to a building during its whole lifecycle:

  • it allows to optimize aspects like maintenance, energy efficiency, accessibility, security, etc.
  • it improves the quality and reduces the management costs
  • it is widely adopted and required in many european and non-european countries
  • it is supported by several CAD architectural products

: :System configuration functions

Main functions for the system configuration:

  • data model customization: new types of objects, new attributes, new relations
  • filters definition and views configuration
  • workflow engine, integrated with visual editor to design custom processes
  • report engine, integrated with visual editor to design custom reports
  • configuration of custom dashboards
  • granular profiling for users, groups and permissions
  • interoperability with other applications / external systems through webservices and connectors
  • task manager for the configuration of automatic operations depending on system events

: :Data management functions

Main functions for the data configuration:

  • web based user interface
  • mobile interface
  • navigation among data by following the relations, both in a textual and in a graphical way
  • complete history of the modifications on any data card (versioning)
  • fast and/or specific search on any card attribute
  • filters and views for a custom access to data
  • functions based on collaborative workflows and on wizards supporting recurring activities
  • document archive to combine every type of file with every type of card
  • reports and dashboards

: Activation and configuration services

Tecnoteca supplies the following services for the system launch:

  • certified appliance supplying
  • changes / integrations to the data model
  • initial import of textual data and plans
  • new custom workflows
  • new reports and dashboards
  • data synchronization with other computer systems / home control units

: :Maintenance and training services

Tecnoteca supplies the following services for the system use:

  • custom remote support with advices and explanations
  • resolution under warranty of any bugs
  • remote updating covered by us when a new version is released
  • training and certification of the customers technicians
  • training of the customers operators