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Running an existing business or starting a new one for the first time can be tough. That’s why you need to have a simple solution for running your business. You soon realize that building a business involves a lot of stuff you probably don’t enjoy: hiring a team, chasing overdue accounts, managing cash flow, finding IT solutions, and dealing with the dreaded accounting.

As a Consulting firm, we ask you to consider a cloud-based accounting software known as Odoo.

Any business with at least 1 employee must use this online accounting software if they want to run and grow their business well and smoothly.

Odoo provides a flexible business platform
Every startup needs tools that will help the business grow and also grow with the business. And that is what Odoo provides exactly.

And if you find a particular add-on no longer meets your needs, just unsubscribe and bolt-on another one that does. As of now, Odoo solution has more than accounting, Odoo has more other apps covering inventory, invoicing, time tracking, expenses, payroll and more. All integrated seamlessly within one solution, expand as your business grow.

Odoo makes record keeping simple
Odoo is probably the most innovative cloud-based accounting package on the market. With the ability to bring bank feeds directly into the system, they have created a simple way for your business to comply with its bookkeeping obligations – no more missing bank statements or receipts!

And because the software is cloud-based, your accounting system will always be up to date. No more manual software upgrades to buy or install, and no more bothering integration.

Odoo also allows online collaboration
The best part is that it allows you, as your accountants, to log in and see the same data as you do in real-time – problems identified, answered and solved in most cases immediately, with email or chart integrations it is easier to communicate with other colleagues on almost any topic regarding business.

Odoo is as simply a beautiful software that you will love as much as we do!.

Being an official partner, Singo Africa Limited is operated from Dar es salaam helping small and big businesses implementing Odoo for the growth of their business as well as their company.

Feel free to schedule a demo here or consult us for Odoo services.

If not Odoo then learn how you can utilize your technology and how you can reap all benefits out of your software solution(ROI)