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Odoo 13

This Year 2019, Odoo released the new version(Odoo 13) with nine new apps that will cover many more of your business demands while improving usability all around. This blog summarizes the new apps being added and enhancements that will foster your business as well as processes into more simplified automation.

A new amazing Accounting App

Accounting underwent an extensive change this year. We thoroughly reviewed every screen, every process to make it the best possible Accounting solution from better reconciliation, better usability everywhere, on Journal, Journal entries, but also new reports, consolidation, asset refactoring, more straightforward tax configuration, deferred expenses, and many more. As also an OCR success rate is also there to make your life easier.


New and improved views

The first of the list is Gantt view; you can now easily drag & drop inside the view, a one-click record creation, resize, and much more, it's never been this easy before and is now in more apps than ever before. 

improved views

The Activity view has now more features and better usability for activity scheduling; the Calendar view lets you respond to an activity from the popup; sequence can be re-arranged from the Kanban view and much more.

calender enhanced

The all in one Field Service solution 

Odoo Field Service Management combines everything you need to plan and manage appointments, track work time, sell products, create reports with custom worksheets, and issue invoices you can now deliver excellent services to your customers everywhere. With our map view, it's never been easier to see the next appointment and calculate a route to get there.  

field service app

Rental Application

With our new Rental app, you can manage all your rental needs from one single view. Create a rental order, schedule, deliver, return, and invoice in moments. Get all the information you need directly on the rental order. You can also track availability with an overview of all your products and see which one brings the most revenue with financial reports. Useful for car, house, meeting room rental companies.


Market your business with a few clicks

Odoo has many Marketing tools. It is a complete solution on the market with Marketing Automation, Email Marketing, SEO, Content such as Website, Blogs, Survey, Events, Forum.


Odoo improved the look of everything, you can discover all of that yourself though, As for now, all the Odoo themes are officially Open Source! 

So, how do you drive traffic to these beautiful new pages? With our new Social Marketing & SMS Marketing apps. 

SMS lets you reach people anywhere, anytime. You can send SMS to abandoned carts, old leads, and people subscribed to an event, there are many cases were contacting people in their pocket is critical. Okay so, you increased traffic, but was it worth it? You can know all of that, thanks to Odoo analytic tools in SMS Marketing, Leads, Revenue, all of that is no secrets to you. It is fully integrated with Odoo accounting, of course. 


What about engaging with your community? Social Marketing is there for that. With Social Marketing, you get a full overview of what people are saying about you, what people are saying about your industry, competitors, whatever you want to track all of that for every social media and as many accounts as you need. 

Keeping track is good, but what about engaging with them? Well, create a new post, select where you want it to show up, schedule it, and that's it, as easy as that. And just like with SMS, you can track the effect of those campaigns! 


Referal in recruitment

Recruiting is hard. You know it, everyone knows it. Finding the right candidate is like finding a needle in a haystack, so Odoo thought, how can make it simple? That is how they developed the Odoo Referral app, referrals might not be your biggest source of recruitment leads, but it is probably your biggest source of hires. Many studies show that Referrals are the candidates most likely to be hired by a large margin, this new app lets your employees build a team of superheroes through referrals, and they get to enjoy rewards for taking an active part in finding the next talent of the company.


From recruitment to onboarding 

As you'll be hiring plenty of people with your new referral app, you'll need an easy way to process all of those new employees, that's why Odoo made a wholly automated onboarding plan, one click and everything is scheduled to happen, meetings, laptop, phone, whatever it may be, you can include it in the program, then whoever is in charge on each steps gets a notification and ready to execute his/her part.


open-source LMS

Speaking of onboarding, if you are a teacher, a coach, or as we just saw, an onboarding manager, Odoo eLearning is the perfect Learning Management System (LMS) for you. 

With a beautiful and easy-to-use interface for the users and course manager alike, it is the all in one solution you need with integrated quizzes, gamification, certifications, possible monetization of content, and complete reporting you won't need to juggle multiple platforms anymore.  



DID YOU KNOW!? Odoo 13 is FIVE times(5x) faster than Odoo 12. 

That is five times faster in real-life cases. In your backend, but also on your website. We now have a blazing fast page speed according to Google as well (99 out of 100) 

odoo13 faster

We hope that Odoo 13 will help your daily life! Find out more on Odoo 13 release note and discover for yourself by trying out for free the best software for your business.