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Have you ever asked yourself if you’re using the right tool for managing your business financial activities? are you feeling overwhelmed by 2019 already?

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed at work when your task list is longer than your arm, your clients have a never-ending stream of requests and there are more emails in your inbox than you can bear to answer. This is particularly true for accountants, who increasingly act more as a consultant to help businesses grow.

However, there is a tool available that can help. In today pace of technological advancements, most of the businesses have already found a way of saving time on manual tasks.

Here are some of the importance of having the right financial software on your business:

Saving time and money.

Invoicing, transaction imports, reconciliation, payments – and more – are all time-consuming, admin-heavy tasks that could be automated relatively easily. And yet, qualified, professional accountants are still spending a significant amount of time doing them. This time could be put to much better use elsewhere, including finding new clients and growing your business. And it seems that 25% of accounting and finance professionals they would be able to work smarter if they spent less time on administrative tasks.

Addressing work-life balance

Maintaining a proper work-life balance is important for beating workplace stress. And, anything you do to save time on manual tasks at work leaves more time for non-work-related activities.

By working smarter, you can get more time back in your working day and your personal life. Using cloud technology can save you time spent working on tedious manual tasks and use that time to focus on what is important to you – whether that be growing your business or spending time with your family.

Time is precious – use it wisely, by using the right software tool for managing your financial transactions.

Odoo Accounting software can revolutionize the way you are conducting your businesses ensuring you are saving time and money while freeing up other resources for more important work. It’s something we’ve always believed and with Odoo it's possible.

Being said, it’s important for companies to realize that cloud-based accounting software helps accountants save up to three hours a day, ensuring better value for their clients.

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