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Now that we are fully recovered from Odoo Experience, It will be good to share with our readers & customers about the new powerful improved business features released by Odoo in their latest version(v12).

The improvements are fantastic and the future is definitely bright for this game changer ERP system. Odoo has now reached 3.7+ million users around the world and promotes a quick start methodology to implement your ERP system which is way different from the implementation methodology of other software providers.

We will talk about the quick start methodology in another post but in the meantime here is the list of new features released as a part of v12

Document Management System
The new document management system makes it easy for you to manage all business documents and attach them to records. Not only that you get to assign tasks for missing documents, for example, a purchase invoice not shared by the purchase manager or an expense not recorded but already paid.

Furthermore, you can have actions on scanned documents. These actions can be anything like, create a purchase invoice from Documents or create a contract or send for signature.

Now than ever, you want to reduce administrative task by 96%?? you just need only to become a paperless company and Odoo v12 made that possible.

OCR Integration
Document management system also has OCR integrated so that you can read the text and create the line items for purchase invoices as well.

This definitely gives a challenge to Google Drive Upload to Invoice creation module.

Inbuilt Document Viewer
Another good feature is the in-browser view of documents.

Upload Documents
You can upload documents to folders using emails (attachments are stored), file uploads are handled using drag and drop as well as standard browser upload.

Documents have tags. You can tag a document and update the tags based on certain actions.

Internet of Things module (IOT)
The more the information, the easier it is to make the right decision. The Internet of Things is turning into something of a nebulous concept, as more and more devices enjoy connected status it’s become more difficult to draw a line in the sand between what does and does not constitute as an IoT device.

Once connected, you can search the network for IoT devices (See screenshot below).

Multi-Website support
One of the most sought-after requirements from Odoo e-commerce was Multi Website Support.

The new feature allows to set up multiple websites on a single database. It’s hugely useful for online stores who are selling under different brand names or under different domain names. No more Complex integrations or third-party modules(Odoo v12 is enough)

You can also choose a different theme for each website. Additionally, Odoo now also features a colourful dashboard, as well as helping you capture more user metadata for marketing.

Improved Accounting Module
Some of the considerable changes can be seen in accounting module where you can see more quick information in the progress bar with a better interface and better colours you can also create bank account instantly with the progress bar. Here is the quick view of the progress bar:

Other new features in the accounting module include:

  • Import Vendor Bill from Accounting Dashboard directly and send to OCR

  • Bank Reconciliation Threshold

  • Customer/Vendor Receipt, which gives you the ability to collect or pay money with defining a specific partner.

We are pretty much sure that now Odoo Accounting is more powerful Accounting software in the market with a lot of suite of apps which allow seamless integration, It a time now to grow your business with this powerful and yet easy to use Accounting Software.

Odoo Studio
You can now style and edit your report in Odoo studio as well. Odoo studio provides you with a Drag and Drop feature for fields and data.
See in action here

Inventory Module
New and advanced graphical view of all inventory operations.

Leave Management
Odoo 12 supports leaves like accrual of vacation leave, sick leave etc. Leaves in days, half days or hours and set accrual limits support negative too. Leave management validation can be double validated by HR and manager. Also, the timesheet generation in a PTO (product turn-over) project is automated.

Avoid the chance of miscalculation on holidays for employees and make sure you don’t send everyone on holidays at the same time.

Expense Module
Expense module now allows for faster data entry with pictures of expenses or bills on the side of their corresponding document.

The bookkeeper now has to do fewer screen clicks or depend on two screens in the office.

This and lot more is available in Odoo v12. Singo Africa Limited will be available to show you some specific features per your needs, please just let us know what you would like to know most on Odoo v12.