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From Singo Africa Limited Experience 2017, With Love

Each year, TanTrade Tanzania, held a special event for bringing the Tanzanian Industries together as a part of social -economic development in the industrial sector.

In 2017, the 2nd Tanzania Industrial Exhibition “Maonyesho ya Viwanda” was a 5-day event and the perfect opportunity for the whole industrial community/sector to come together with the ultimate goal of learning, marketing and exposing to the community.

Singo Africa attends and exhibits on Tanzania ya viwanda days with the main focus on helping Tanzanian Industries, SMEs and Business Owners on the awareness and important things to consider when investing on Business software for the automation of their business processes.

Singo Africa Experience for 2017 was a huge success, thank you to the entire community for your participation and support! You were part of more than 270 visitors who learn from us.

Attendees were able to directly dive to the interactive workshop and one-on-one demos by exhibitors from Singo Africa Limited. All appropriate Odoo ERP features clearly communicated to the attendees. The idea of the exhibition was to showcase how the Odoo ERP software can perform in different situations/business cases, including a manufacturing sector (MRP, MPS, Quality & Maintenance), managing a Warehouse (PO, SO & Barcode) and the online shopping E-Commerce on how the manufacturing can upsell their products online.

Save the date for this year, Tanzania ya viwanda event/exhibition will be at Saba Saba, kilwa Road - Dar es salaam from 7th December to 11th December 2018, this will be the 3rd Tanzania Industrial Exhibition since being introduced in 2016.

Singo Africa Limited would like to take this opportunity to collaborate and helping Industries into implementing specific and valuable solution tailored for industrial needs, turn your factory/industry and/companies into paperless, digital exchange of business informations and transactions to more reliable, secured which will help you in the end save a lot of times and money.