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When the economy’s improving so fast — Demands rise up too.

“Revitalizing the economy, one business at a time“ - Everyone's talking about it and hopefully, you're feeling it, too! The next few years will reshape global manufacturing and distribution and the entire supply chain. As demand continues to grow, technology can help you unlock productivity gains and find growth opportunities in new parts of the value chain all of which creates an opening to really turn things around.

Adopting new technology, like Odoo ERP - the top most stable open source ERP+CRM+Accounting+Manufaturing(MRP | PLM | Quality Control | Inventory Control | Procurement ), can help you leverage business opportunities. This is no time to sit on the sidelines!

Take advantage of this special software where you can start right away and expand any business functions as you reap the benefits as you grow — and the expanding economy — to transform your company business processes and all departments into automation that cost almost nothing. With Odoo ERP, you will probably not regret as will ensure you that you improve productivity, boost sales, and generate more profits! than ever.

One system is enough for your entire organization, that's even simple and creates rooms for having efficient and effective operations in your company/organization

Unleash the power of a single integrated system and enjoy growing your company.

offer: With every purchase/subscriptions of new additional licenses, i.e., concurrent users of the ERP software, Odoo gives you discounts, with one app for absolutely FREE. Example: One app for free - any app you will need to use for Odoo Online, you don't have to pay for it any penny, and for there is a discount for all new customers on payment from $8 to $6 per user.

License minimums apply for cloud hosting option.

Singo Africa Limited as official Odoo Partner in Tanzania is here to help you with Odoo Projects, We are ready to work and help you with Odoo into the revolutionary paradigm of ERP, again No need to have various disjointed systems where departments can't talk to each other smoothly and/or inventing into COSTLY software solutions that continue to sink you down the see with your investments. Join more than 3 Million people worldwide who trust and uses Odoo for the sake of their business expansions and growth.