Business Technology & Consulting 

 Finding yourself overwhelmed with spreadsheets, or stuck with disparate systems to manage sales, customers, inventory, accounting, and other valuable data?

Imagine the time and money you’d save if all your manufacturing and distribution processes were integrated into a single, consolidated business system. With Odoo ERP, you can do just that.

Odoo ERP is a suite Enterprise Resource Planning AND Corporate — or Customer — Relationship Management software that consolidates all business operations into ONE that’s to say all your business functions will be automated on a single package, accounting, CRM, Manufacturing, inventory management and much more.

How can Odoo ERP impact your company’s growth?

Please feel free to consult Singo Africa Limited, a legal partner of Odoo ERP in Tanzania to insure you get all benefits from the automation of your business functions and stop losing money on not-fit solutions for your business activities.