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One of the major vehicles that drive the economy of any nation is the manufacturing industry. Countries that are considered to be industrialized, advanced and economically optimistic  are the one with the vibrant and active manufacturing sector. There is no doubt that the manufacturing industry is the rapidly growing sector globally as it deals with assembling and processing of raw materials into finished or semi-finished products which are directly consumed by other industries such as mining and agricultural. In that case, the growth of other industrial sectors relies heavily on the manufacturing Industry.

Engaging in primary to tertiary production may seem costly but for sure the problem is mainly on how to allocate wisely the limited resources in order to realize benefits. Use the scarce resources to Digitalize your business and make it stand out of a crowd and enjoy the benefits of economies of scale. 

Now let us quickly go through Odoo the simple and affordable business software that you can choose if you want to start a business in the manufacturing industry;

Odoo is an all-in-one management software that offers a range of business applications that form a complete suite of enterprise management applications targeting companies of all sizes. Odoo is an all-in-one business software integrate  CRM, Website, e-Commerce, billing, accounting,

, warehouse and project management.

Odoo offers two separate versions of the solution;

is the open source version while the Enterprise version supplements the Community edition with commercial features and services.Odoo is the most popular open source ERP system.


Let us focusing on Odoo manufacturing module;

Thanks to Odoo you will be able to manage the production planning and organize manufacturing orders to optimize the resource workload. Manage bill of materials, plan manufacturing orders, track work orders. Use Odoo to manage all your assembly and/or manufacturing operations. Schedule manufacturing orders and work orders automatically. Review planning with the smart kanban and gantt views. Use the advanced analytic features to detect bottlenecks in resource capacities and inventory locations.

• Efficient Scheduling of Manufacturing Orders: Automatically schedule manufacturing orders and work orders based on your procurement rules, quantity forecast and dependent demand.

• Define Flexible Master Data: Have the flexibility to create multilevel bills of materials, optional routing, version changes and phantom bills of materials. You can use BoM for kits or for manufacturing orders.

• Flexibility in All Operations: Manually edit all operations at any stage in the process. With Odoo, you won’t be frustrated by a rigid system. You can design specific templates for each operation and use the set of tools to find solutions for any issue.

• Schedule Work Orders: Define routings and plan the working time and capacity of your resources. Quickly identify resource requirements and bottlenecks to make sure your production meets your delivery schedule dates.

• Fully Integrated with Operations: Fully integrated with sales and purchases apps programmed  to make manufacturing resource planning accurate. The accounting integration allows real-time accounting valuation and deeper reporting on costs and revenues of your manufacturing operations.