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This is a good news to all SMEs and Manufacturing companies out there. You can now afford cloud-based ERP that has CRM, Production Planning & Forecast, stock control and accounting in a single integrated system.

Thinking how much time is wasted in your company as a result of either having no systems or more likely, a number of disparate systems that are forced to ‘act as one’ - typically a CRM system plus the standard Quickbooks/Sage or equivalent.

Yet it doesn't have to be so. What if there was a genuine, integrated system built specifically to take care of all of this, with less struggle! Well...there is, and we call such system Odoo - Fully integrated with a unique value proposition of easy to use. Indeed, We wish to bring this crucial solution to our Tanzanian SME's and Manufacturing Companies  - and we are sure this will help.

Most SMEs and/or Manufacturing companies run a separate systems, such as Quickbooks, Sage, Spreadsheet or others. These products are good. Besides, How far do they cover your operations, do you still need others solutions on top to complete your automation? - Hopefully No!,  you got to know, these are accounting systems. They are still viewing the business as being in a distinct silo, of which accounting is one.

The power of the cloud and current internet technology on this view of business has been going on improvement every day. It is now possible to have a completely integrated view, that combines sales and purchases, stock control and manufacturing, and accounting into a single system. What does this mean? Well, it means you can run your business in real-time. That is, all the information you need, including financial reports (P&L, balance sheet, executive summaries etc), is available at any time you want it and not just at the end of the month.

Furthermore, these figures can include the current sales forecast, which means that any cash flow forecast or pipeline predictions have the potential to be far more accurate, thus you can make business decisions instantly, rather than waiting again until the end of the month when the necessary data had been keyed to the accounting system. Given the highly dynamic nature of the typical SME, this is clearly of great benefit.

Taking the advantage of being able to see all interactions with your customers - Which in turn helps you to figure out ‘how much revenue/profitability has this customer-generated’, how much your customers owe you, payment habit of your customer and automated payment follow up mechanisms. The only way to have a true 360-degree view of your customer is to have a native integrated system.

Singo Africa is available to help you on implementing and ensure that Odoo will truly transform your business.

"Make sure you’re getting the most out of your solution after considerations and implementation"