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Our Mission — Help companies of all sizes successfully implement powerful and easy-to-use open source Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software to grow their business profitably.

We are targeting those who are ready for a powerful, customizable ERP, without high cost and vendor lock-on of traditional enterprise software.

Odoo Ready Partner



Singo Africa Limited as one of  Odoo partner in Tanzania, providing full assistance and experienced support to help you improve your company performances and satisfy your business requirements with Odoo ERP(most rated ERP in the World)!.

Due to the potential of this cutting-edge software, while maintaining the aspects - especially economic ones - of an open source ERP, we are bringing a winning solution to you, to optimize your business processes, streamlining the workload, resulting in a lowering management and operation costs towards benefit realizations on your business investments.

 After identification and/or analysis of customer needs, the management of project begins with a detailed technical analysis, in which our team, alongside the Customer's Project Leader, collects information directly from each department, in order to accurately describe the business processes/work-flow.

 3 Million Users Worldwide
Tested, trusted and used by many companies and organizations worldwide


Each implementation is performed considering the excellent scalability that distinguishes Odoo, so you can start automating your business processes with one app let's say Accounting, and add others on go.

Whether you are service company, manufacturing, Logistics, Distribution, health-care, SME's, Public Sector, NGO's, We, can assure you Odoo is a great tool for your automation, In humbly way as a fellow Tanzanian, we welcome you towards revolutionary ERP.


 -----------------All you need is in a single software - easy to use and powerful----------------------