To establish a place of work where young minds are empowered to be the best they can be and make a positive impact on the society.

Our Culture

From our comprehensive interest to our devotion to diversity of our personalized approach to flexibility, we focus on building a conducive environment that’s welcoming for everyone who works at Singo Africa. We equip people here to connect with each other, build community, and do work that is meaningful for them, for Singo Africa, for our clients, and our partners as well.

Our Major Core Values

  • Focus on results, not ways of getting results.

  • Don’t delay to ask if something is not clear, get clarity, and get it done.
  • If something is wrong, fix it. If you can’t, tell someone who can.

  • Do better than yesterday.

  • Learn something new every day.

  • Read books and other sources to gain more knowledge.

  • “We always do things this way” reason is forbidden.

  • Learn from what went wrong and do it better this time.

  • Learn from people who are doing what you're doing in the world, then add creativity of your own during implementation.

  • Your YES should mean YES and NO mean NO.

  • If you think otherwise, say it even if you will be the only one thinking that in the whole team.

  • Don’t hold things inside, but don’t be rude when airing them out.

  • Don’t look for excuses for something that you were supposed to do and didn’t do.

  • Be answerable for the actions you do. Don’t find the bush to hide.

  • Deliver what you promise, to the team and to our clients and other partners. Timely.

  • Care about other’s objectives. Want them accomplished too.

  • Share what you are doing and what you have accomplished to motivate others.

  • Be ready and willing to assist.

  • Supporting others should be your priorities too.

  • Don’t seat waiting for someone else to come and change things. Make the change for the better.

  • You don’t need to have a title to do something. You just need the means.

  • You are the leader on what you are working on. The company depend on you to strive on that area.

  • We value idea over hierarchy.

  • Think the impact of what you want to do in a 5 or 10 years to come and decide what to do now.

  • Make small changes today for the better future of tomorrow.

  • Your today`s engagements with clients and partners determine the kind of relationships we want to have with them in future. Act with that in mind.

  • Be ready to delay gratifications of today for the glory of tomorrow.

  • Our team should not the sum of individuals, Should be the exponential of total individuals.

  • Care about others welfare.

  • Trust and Respect to one another is a key to team’s success.

  • We are all in this together, the company’s success drive individual successes.

  • Break your work to a small piece possible and have fun doing it.

  • Don’t complicate your work with complex unwanted things, the simple the better as long as they add value.

  • Celebrate your accomplishment and of others to energize yourselves for the work ahead.

  • Explain things in simple language without removing the key message. Complexity doesn’t mean you know better.

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