Business Technology & Consulting 

About us

Let's Grow Together!

Singo Africa Limited brings excellent digital experience to Africa by enabling business transformations, adding value and simulate organization's competitiveness.

Focusing on technology, software solutions & consulting services in:-

Business transformation for small-medium enterprises.

Digital financial services for unbanked and underbanked communities.

Business processes and technology consulting services for SMEs, Micro-finance and Cooperative Societies. 

  • Our Vision

    A business technology and consulting firm that deliver beyond the expectations.

  • Our Mission

    Improve, grow and transform businesses by applying optimized business processes and technologies.

  • Our People

    People are our most valuable asset and we recognize the central role they play in the company's success :-

    aim at attract, develop, recognize and retain the finest talent available- both locally and regionally.

    provide employees with quality learning and development opportunities and believe the benefits of this investment are passed on to our customers and partners.

  • Core Values

    The core values of Singo Africa Limited are:-

    • Get Things Done.
    • Continuous Improve.
    • Be Accountable.
    • Be Authentic.
    • Engage and Collaborate.
    • Think Long term and Act Now.
    • Lead From Any Seat.
    • Better Together.
    • Keep It Simple and Have Fun.